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You are going to need the following ready for the filing. 

This is the first form required by the Bankruptcy Court to initiate your bankruptcy case Find it here->

List in this form, all Creditors to whom you owe money. This form will then be used to prepare your bankruptcy schedules. You must list all of your debts in the bankruptcy schedules you file with the Bankruptcy Court.

List all present forms of income, occupation, and employer information.

A snapshot of your household budget and  expenses. 

Completion of this Statement is required if you desire to file bankruptcy. If you are filing jointly with your spouse, include information for both you and your spouse on this form. If you are filing under Chapter 13, and you are married and not separated from your spouse, you must provide information about your spouse even if you are not filing jointly with your spouse. If you are separated from your spouse and not filing jointly, you are not required to provide information for your spouse.

A audit and list of personal property. 

Our Questionnaire is coming soon for Small Business Bankrutpcy.

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